Veteran’s Program

At The Transition House, we believe that every veteran deserves the chance to live the life they want after service. We are committed to helping homeless veterans get back on their feet and start living again.


Veteran families and individuals who are facing homelessness or insecurity can find solace in the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program. This powerful initiative is dedicated to helping American Heroes get back on their feet with a range of case management services as well as temporary payments to third parties such as landlords, utility companies, and more if it assists with acquiring sustainable housing.


To promote housing stability among Veterans and their families who currently reside in or are transitioning to permanent rental housing, thereby improving their quality of life.

We’re here to help Veterans find a peaceful place to call home.

Make sure our Veterans have their housing needs met swiftly while equipping them with the resources necessary for self-sufficiency.

Our Housing First Model

The Housing First Model is an effective approach to ending homelessness by providing individuals with stable housing as a launching pad for success. This program eliminates prerequisites and instead focuses on helping people get back on their feet quickly so they can pursue life goals without the burden of being homeless.

This method provides more than just a place to stay; it’s an approach that emphasizes the importance of providing housing as well as access to services and resources, working together with community partners for sustainable, lasting success.

Housing is at the heart of this program because when somebody has a secure shelter, they can focus on healing and rebuilding their life.

SSVF Financial Services

Rental assistance
Rental assistance
Utility deposit
Moving costs
Utility fee payment assistance
Transportation services: vehicle repair/maintenance
Transportation services: tokens/vouchers
General housing stability assistance – emergency supplies
General housing stability assistance – other
Emergency housing assistance

Employment and Training Services

Valencia College – Accelerated Skills Training
Multiple career fields
CareerSource Central Florida
Employ Florida

Residential Program For Veterans



General Construction
And more!


Rapid Rehousing

A intervention designed to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness and transition to permanent housing.

Homeless Prevention

Supportive services for Veterans who are at-risk of or are experiencing actual homelessness includes supportive services and financial assistance designed to facilitate safe, sustainable housing solutions.

Shallow Subsidiary

provides rental assistance to very low-income and extremely low-income Veteran households who are enrolled in SSVF’s Rapid Rehousing or Homeless Prevention projects.

Case Management

Assesse veterans needs and creates individualized care plans including resources like therapy, career training, health education, financial literacy, and much more.

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