Success stories

TTH Starke Program Resident

Dear Mr. Griffin,

I would like to say, thank you for everything you have done. You have made a big impact on so many people’s lives. I can just imagine what you had to fight for to get us the help we really needed. If it wasn’t for you, I would most likely be on my way to prison. This program is going to help me get my child back and put me back on track to be an honest worker. Your program is great for me and many others. This is a life-changing process and this program is the best thing that happened for me. I would be on the street doing God knows what or in prison missing out on my kid and family. I’m grateful and thankful to be here and even though my family is not with me, I know things will be better. I get in my feelings sometimes because I miss them but you have a great staff here to back me up and let us know everything will be ok. If you were wondering how your program is doing, well my opinion is you’re doing great, Mr. Griffin. Once again, thank you very much.

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