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Rosa Perez

I am the new face of homelessness.

Being homeless is not just those who are on drugs, uneducated, living in a corner or on the streets. We are veterans who are living with friends, families or in cars. We are going to school and struggling to make ends meet.

We are the veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

We are struggling to move forward, but with help some of us are making it.

I graduated from Florida Technical College in March with an associate’s degree in web and graphic design and I’m going back to school in October to finish up my PhD in organizational management and leadership.

While at FTC, I established a student veterans group and was the FTC Kissimmee campus Student Veterans of America president.

Attending FTC was a humbling experience. I was welcomed into an environment that lacked understanding of the needs of veterans. Through their willingness to learn and an open mind to change, I was able to assist hundreds of veterans.

Together, we were able to make a difference and begin offering the services student veterans and families really need.It was a life changing experience!

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