The Transition House, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have an immediate crisis we urge you to seek emergency help by dialing 911.
The Transition House, Inc. is accredited by The Joint Commission as a Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care organization. For more information, visit The Joint Commission Behavioral Health Care.
We accept many insurance providers. For a full list, visit our insurance page. Please contact your individual insurance company to learn about your coverage.
The Transition House does accept Medicaid and Medicare.
The programs are available to the general public. For more information, visit our Outpatient Behavioral Health page.
Our Homeless Veterans Residential program offers services to male and female homeless veterans, chronically mentally ill homeless veterans, veterans with PTSD diagnosis, homeless veterans and their families, homeless veterans with substance abuse problems, homeless veterans with dual diagnosis, veterans being released from prison, disabled homeless veterans and homeless veterans with mental illness. If you served your country, now we will provide free services for you. For more information, visit our veterans page. The Supportive Services for Veterans Families Grant (SSVF) will provide very low income veterans and their families with financial assistance and temporary housing. For more information Click Here
The Transition House Inc.'s policies and Federal law protect the privacy of patients' identities and information. In general, any disclosure of clinical information requires the patient's (or guardian's) written consent. There are additional specific privacy protections under State law for persons with HIV, or who are participating in alcohol or drug abuse programs. However, disclosures can occur without written consent in certain specific circumstance, such as by judicial order or in a medical emergency.
To qualify for an apartment in Victory Village, our permanent supportive housing program in Osceola County, you must have a low income but have sufficient income to sustain rental payments which cannot exceed 30% of your monthly income and have no felony convictions in the past 5 years. No pets are allowed at Victory Village. For more information, visit Permanent Supportive Housing.